TMG Anambra Preliminary EDay Press Release 17 Nov 13 vF (PDF)-INEC Must Enhance Public Confidence in Electoral Process for 2015

INEC Must Enhance Public Confidence in
Electoral Process for 2015
November 17, 2013
Abuja Nigeria

The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) has shared the preliminary findings from its observation of the Anambra Gubernatorial Election today.

Based on reports from TMG’s 633 citizen observers deployed across all three senatorial districts
and all 21 LGAs, TMG finds that while many elements of the Election Day process were adequate,

there were serious shortcomings, including:

1. Late arrival of election materials at polling units – as of 7:30am, observers reported that
only 39% of polling units across the state had their election material, and by 9am only
43% of polling units were able to open;

2. No elections took place in five wards of Idemili North LGA – Abatete, Nkpor I, Nkpor II,
Obosi and Ogidi I. Observers at all 14 sampled polling stations in these wards reported no

3. Individuals with voter’s card were refused accreditation – at 19% of polling units between
6 and 25 people with voter’s cards were denied accreditation, for whatever reason, and
could not vote;

4. Simultaneous accreditation and voting (i.e. individuals being allowed to accredit and vote
after accreditation had closed) created the possibility of illegal voting – at 28% of polling
units 50 or more people were accredited during voting; and

5. A significant number of voters who left polling units after accreditation did not return to
vote – at 31% of polling units, the number of accredited voters exceeded the number of
actual voters by more than 10%.

While the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) should be acknowledged for
providing an opportunity to some voters in Idemili North to vote on Sunday, these shortcomings
undermine public confidence in the electoral process – especially since many of these issues are not new and have plagued past elections.

TMG Chair Comrade Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi said, “For the 2015 elections to be credible INEC
must work in partnership with political parties, civic organizations, and government bodies
to find practical solutions to chronic problems plaguing our elections.”

TMG is the premier citizen observer network in the country comprising over 400 civic
organizations and has observed all elections since the end of military rule in 1998/99.
For the Anambra Gubernatorial Election TMG employed the advanced Quick Count methodology,

the gold standard for election observation, TMG’s citizen observers were deployed to a
representative random sample of 300 polling stations located across every senatorial district and all 21 local government areas (LGAs). Thus, TMG observers were in every corner of the state, from the capital Awka to the most remote riverine areas. On Sunday, TMG redeployed 28
observers for the second day of voting in Idemili North.

Throughout the day TMG’s citizen observers sent their observation reports via coded text
message using mobile phones directly into a computer database located at a National Information Centre (NIC) in Abuja. In total, they sent in more than 3,000 text messages containing more than 20,000 individual pieces of information about Election Day processes, as well as the official results as announced by INEC official at polling units.

“TMG stands ready to work with INEC and other partners to help ensure the 2015 Elections
meet the expectations of the Nigerian people,” said TMG Chair Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi.
The Anambra Gubernatorial Election is not yet over. TMG calls on all the people of Anambra State to remain calm as they await INEC’s announcement of results. TMG will continue to observe the process, and as appropriate issue additional statements and reports. As part of the Quick Count, TMG will provide independent verification of the official results as announced by INEC to enhance the transparency and accountability of the process.

Media Contact Person:
Eneruvie Enakoko
08094648891, 08033188864
### END ###


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