E-Conference on Constitutional Review : Dont complain about the law if you do nothing to change it!

Press Release

Youth Alliance on Constitution Review

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@yacorng, http://www.wethepeopleconstitution.org       

      e-conference on Constitution Review 

The review of the 1999 Constitution began with the constitution of review committees in both chambers of the National Assembly, the call for memorandum from Nigerians and constitution review retreats convened by the Senate and House of Representatives.  As the review of the 1999 Constitution enters its critical stage, it is imperative that citizens at all levels debate freely the content of the constitution review.  If the preamble of the 1999 constitution which begins with the phrase ‘we the people of Nigeria…’ must make any sense then the review process must not only ensure active citizens participation but it must guarantee that the outcome of the review process is a true reflection of the demands and aspirations of the people.

The constitution review process provides a unique opportunity to address several socio-economic and political challenges confronting Nigerians e.g unemployment, poverty, corruption, poor education infrastructure, marginalization and social exclusion. Now is the time for citizens to respond to this national call to address our daunting challenges and deepen our democracy process through constitution review.

Join the e-conference on Constitution Review on Thursday 23 August 2012 by 3:00pm – 5:00pm

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Panellists:              Ayo Obe @naijama

Toyosi Akerele @toyosirise

Egghead Odewale @eggheader

Chude Jideowo @chude

Wale Ajani @waleajani

Japhet Omojuwa @omojuwa

Follow @yacorng to participate at the e-conference. Official hash tag #youthCRV

The e-conference is proudly hosted by the Youth Alliance on Constitution Review. The Youth Alliance is an alliance of about 30 youth civil society organizations working together to facilitate inputs of young people in the process of constitutional review process through proactive and effective engagement with relevant stakeholders.


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