Birth control bill

The issue of birth control as the President has stated is extremely sensitive. Unlike the west from where the law is being translated, Nigeria is still a country with a large population of largely religious people. The major religions in Nigeria; Christianity, Islam, and traditional worshippers, are all firm advocates of procreation. While this is important in considering passing a law of this nature it is not the most important consideration.
The president is right that the population explosion in the country is a problem, it must be noted however that the reason it is a problem is not because having a large population is detrimental to national development in itself (reference can be made to china which is the most populous nation in the world and is still making leaps and bounds in both its economy and technology and the USA who’s population is growing through both births and the country’s encouragement of immigration). The reason Nigerian’s increasing population is a problem is because our government has failed over the years to put in place laws and policies that will enable the country function properly irrespective of the number of her citizens.
Before austerity measures such as birth control are put in place the government it would be more citizen sensitive to work on improving health care, social welfare and security. When these issues are tackled, birth control will fall into place. One of the key reasons (apart from religion) that poor families cite for having a lot of children is; the fear that if they have a few children and one or several of them die because of poor nutrition, sickness, violence or chance they will be left with nothing. On the other hand they also hope to increase the odds of one of their children being the one that prospers and takes care of the rest of the family by having many children.
Blind legislation of a birth control law would not help curb population in any appreciable way. The effects of any law on birth control instigated now will not be evident for at least five years (if not a decade). This therefore, is not a quick fix solution for which results will be seen quickly. Also religious and cultural proclivities will only ensure that citizens will just largely ignore or blatantly disobey the law. Except the government is willing to go down the slippery road of totalism, it will be difficult, if not impossible to enforce this law.
TMG’s stance on this bill is that while population should be controlled, a birth control bill is not the way to go. More immediate, effective and lasting effects will be seen in; controlling immigration into the country by making her borders less porous and pushing for legislation that rewards child spacing and birth management instead of birth control. A push to educate the lower class especially is important. This is because the situation where the rich and better educated have fewer children, while the illiterate poor have more children shows that education is a key to controlling population via birth control.


One Response to Birth control bill

  1. Fish says:

    Na wah oh! Next thing they’ll want to censor whether we should marry at all.

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